$22 billion – this is the money that publishers all over the world lost due to ad blocking visitors in 2015. Sounds terrifying, isn’t it? However, you as a publisher or blogger have plenty of ways to disable ad block. In this post, we describe 3 ways to deal with ad blockers – choose the one that suits you best!

The first way is to block access to the content of your website and politely ask visitors to add your website to the ‘whitelist’. There are 3 variants you could use:

  • – block the content with pop-up message
  • – blurr the text of the post
  • – remove random words from the postwhitelist-image-700x380All three options imply that adblock visitors disable ad blocker or add your website to the white list so that they view the website with ads.

The second way is to block access to the content of your website and ask visitors to subscribe. The payment could be small, just $1, but you could save the revenue that you lose on AdSense advertising. In this variant, you could lose those visitors who do not have access to PayPal or another payment system at that moment.

The third way is trying to make an arrangement with ad blockers, instead of fighting with them. Not block the content, not asking for money, but offer your adblock visitors a good deal. Instead of showing them AdSense advertising, that they won’t see anyway because of ad block software on their deviсes, use this space on your webpage to show them a subscription button, or ask them to like your page on Facebook, or use custom option (for e.g., make an inscription: “Buy my recipe book here” – with a link to Amazon or “Please donate to my project of ecofriendly clothing here” – with a link to a donation page). So in this third variant you could choose not to fight with the ad blockers, but convert them to useful marketing goals, without losing ad revenue.
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