Test №1. We tested Mediator technology on popular russian blog 101kofemashina.ru (it’s about coffee machines). The average daily traffic is 1800 hosts. According to Yandex.Metrica there were 7,76% of adblocking traffic last months:


We used Mediator to replace context ad in sidebar with SocialMart affiliate programm link. That’s online catalogue of electonics, that pays for every click “our” user made from their pricelist to external shop’s site:



We tested Mediator just 24h. Additional affiliate income was RUB 29,51 with no lost in usual context ad revenue, which is RUB 3713,89 per month:


So the average daily context revenue is 3713,89/30 = 123,8. Mediator technology gives RUB 29,51 more with no loss in conext income.

That means that Mediator increased revenue by 23.8%! And that’s with relativly small adblocking rate for this website (7,76%).


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