We are pleased to announce the launch of our plugin. It’s free version available for download at WordPress plugin’s directory https://wordpress.org/plugins/mediator. Our plugin helps web publishers and bloggers to deal with adblocking traffic without loss in ad revenue. Detailed day-to-day statistics and and analytics is included.

And here is the main Mediator’s features:

  • Detect adblock software (AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, Brave, Ad Muncher etc.)
  • Replace blocked ads with Facebook like button option
  • Replace blocked ads with MailChimp subscription box option
  • Replace blocked ads with any custom html code
  • Block content by gradually blurring text to visitors with adblock and notify them with custom or default
  • message
  • Supports Google AdSense or any other ads
  • Works in all modern browsers
  • Embed your ad using widgets or shortcode
  • Compatible with other shortcode plugins
  • Measure the conversion for each channel
  • SEO friendly (does not increase bounce rate)
  • Responsive design friendly

We also could consult you what content option is better for your website to make money on adblocking users. If you try our plugin and have a question, do not hesitate to contact us by email hello@mediator.tech

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