• Startup launches Mediator 2.1: Plugin that helps web publishers get benefits from adblocking audience.
  • With easy-to-use interface that allows convert useless adblockers for useful subscribers, web publishers now can gain social capital with no special technical skills required.
  • Founders look to develop plugin to product that completely close the issue of AdBlock for web publishers.

December 15th, 2016 – Founded by Web-publisher partners and backed by Start-Up Chile, Mediator is launching new approach to deal with adblock users without loss in ad revenue.

Now, small and medium web publishers and bloggers have an affordable and easy-to-use tool for engage and monetize visitors with active AdBlock Plus or any other adblocking software. Mediator is the first product that suggest win-win situation. Plugin identifies adblockers and convert them to publisher’s useful marketing goals like new subscribers, social media likes and other custom options. Clients benefit from reaching marketing goals is increasing social sharing and traffic without risk in money.

With the cost of ad blocking to publishers nearly $22 billion during 2015 according to Adobe research, one’s losing ad revenue has become more important than ever before.

Says Co-founder & CTO Artem, “We analyzed traffic of five our own websites in June 2016. During this time websites were visited by 201 873 unique users, 26 961 among them used adblocking software (13 % of all traffic). The percentage of ad block active users today in Chile is 14% and in USA is 15%. This means that average blogger in the USA with 3000 unique visitors will lose about $660 in 2016. There are millions of bloggers and small web publishers face this problem all over the world”.

“Today for medium web publishers and bloggers it is available only detect & count software or simplest plugins to block content for adblockers. Mediator allows the new approach – not only detecting and measuring adblock users, but give ready-to-use marketing instrument with no coding. With our product customers could get back that lost profit and convert adblocking traffic to other marketing goals”, adds CEO and Founder Daria.

Mediator is a plugin that helps small and medium web publishers generate leads and measure the results. Day-to-day statistics and analytics is available and very easy to understand. Once plugin detects adblock user it replaced block ad with marketing option that publisher chose before in plugin’s dashboard.  Plugin valid in all modern browsers, SEO friendly and works with all kind of ads and Google AdSense also.

As part of Start-Up Chile Female leaders program, Mediator is a startup on the rise that is poised to help web publishers with new approach to deal with adblockers, monetize them and reach new marketing goals.

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