Second test of Mediator with Mailchimp (110k traffic tested)

Second test of Mediator with Mailchimp (110k traffic tested)

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Today we finished a one-week test of the Mediator technology. This time we tested it on – leading Russian motor insurance website (among TOP-5 insurance websites in Russian Internet). The website generates almost 200k unique visits per month with 18.4% of adblocking users!


We wanted to test Mediator’s new key feature, which allows them to start gaining more mailchimp subscribers with one click. So, the website owner uses mailchimp for newsletters and he places the subscription form in the middle of the right column. Mediator secured the top-placed AdSense banner and converted adblockers to subscribers for a week.


Part 1. Between 13th of October (when we started the test) and 20th of October, there were 29 new subscribers. Among them 11 people came from ordinary subscription form and other traditional sources and 18 came from Mediator generated form that is showed only for adblockers. That means that Mediator delivered +163% of extra new subscribers.
To make this measure more representative, we are going to turn off Mediator now and see how many subscribers the ordinary form gets on its own.

Part 2. Now we want to calculate subscriber growth more accurately and exclude those users how do use adblock and who will subscribe to newsletters anyways (even if the form is on the second screen). So we measured how many people usually subscribe to the newsletters on average (Mediator is off).
So between 21th and 28th of October there were 12 new subscribers. So we can propose now that the normal new subscriber rate is 14 per each 10 days. It means that Mediator gives (18/12) = 150% more subscribers than usual and boosts overall subscription rate by 2.5!